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Nov 23, 2020

This week Dan and Dudley continue to worship at Mobius Front '83. After an eight month hiatus, they had a game night and played Fort and Dudley is “completing” Star Wars: Destiny. The guys were approached to be brand ambassadors. They talk about a door, some coins, a key, and armor. They mention the news from IO...

Nov 16, 2020

This week Dan and Dudley talk more about Zachtronics’ Mobius Front '83. They dig too deep with MayHam in Deep Rock Galactic. Dudley started Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Dan tries to sound...

Nov 9, 2020

This week Dan and Dudley talk about their religion bestowing upon them manna from heaven. Dudley has his NVidia Geforce RTX 3070 and is putting it to real work. Also looking at two dimensional rays in Rogue Legacy 2. They are still spending their evenings playing Among Us with their ladies. Dan also played a little...

Nov 2, 2020

This week Dan and Dudley talk about playing The Far Shores update for Rogue Legacy 2, now with more chefs! They played Among Us and Dixit with Ham. Dudley tries to tell a story about a 3070

Oct 26, 2020

This week Dan and Dudley become “Impastas” in several games of Among Us. The dove for sunken treasure in Clank!. Dan plums the depths of Hades in Hades. Dudley is still playing Mario Super Picross. Dan introduced his girlfriend to Baba is You